My Father Came Back For Me


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Mary Goble was 12 years old when her parents joined the Latter-Day Saints in Sussex, England. In May 1856 they started for Utah. She said:

We traveled through the States until we came to Council Bluffs [Iowa]. Then we started on our journey of one thousand miles over the plains.

It was about the 1st of September. We traveled from 15 to 25 miles a day. We used to stop one day in the week to wash. On Sunday we would hold our meetings and rest. Every morning and night we were called to prayers by the bugle.

The Indians were on the war path and were very hostile. Our Captain, John Hunt, had us make a dark camp. That was to stop, and get our supper, then travel a few miles, and not light any fires; but camp and go to bed. The men had to travel all day and guard every other night.

We traveled on till we got to the Platte River. We caught up with the Hand Cart companies that day. We watched them cross the river. There were great lumps of ice floating down the river. It was bitter cold.

The next morning there were fourteen dead in camp through the cold. We went back to camp and went to prayers. They sang, “Come Come, Ye Saints No Toil Nor Labor Fear.” I wondered what made my mother cry. That night my mother took sick and the next morning my little sister was born. It was the 23rd of September. We named her Edith. She lived six weeks and died for the want of nourishment. When my sister died…Brother Pay helped my father when she was buried by the roadside. I felt like I couldn’t leave her, for I had seen so many graves opened by the wolves. The rest of the company had got quite away when my father came back for me. I told him I could not leave her to be eaten by the wolves, it seems too terrible. But he talked to me and we hurried on.


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