The Protecting Hand of the Lord

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Agnes Caldwell and Mary Hurren recognize God’s protection as they jump over rattlesnakes on the trail.

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Agnes Caldwell would find friends to walk with. They would figure out some sort of game, stories, or songs to keep their minds occupied and busy. Agnes Caldwell told of the monotony of the journey and a dangerous game she played with her friend one day:

I can yet close my eyes and see everything in panoramic precision before me. The ceaseless walking, walking, ever to remain in my memory. Many times, I would become so tired, and childlike would hang on the cart, only to be gently pushed away. Then I would throw myself by the side of the road and cry. Then realizing they were all passing me by, I would jump to my feet and make and extra run to catch up…One day we came to a section inhabited by rattlesnakes. Two of us, my friend Mary Hurren and I, would hold hands and jump. It seemed to me we were jumping for more than a mile. Due to the protecting hand of the Lord.

2 reviews for The Protecting Hand of the Lord

  1. Paul Rogers

    Listening to Agnes Caldwell ‘s story while attending neighbor’s funeral. Surviving young wife and mother was drawn to Agnes during she and her husbands trek.

  2. Paul Rogers

    Important story of strength of friendship and support in trial.

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