They Required My Assistance


Levi Savage

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From his efforts with the Mormon Battalion in 1846-47, to his missionary activities in Burma from 1852-56, to his faithful service in the Willie handcart company and to the end of his life, Levi Savage, Jr. was known for faithfulness in serving others.

A 36-year-old widower, Levi Savage was returning to Utah and his young son from his mission when he was asked to be a leader in the Willie handcart company. On July 11, 1856, Levi recorded his response to this request: Today, agreeable to council, I reported myself to Brother Daniel Spencer, the agent for forwarding the Saints. He requires my assistance, and I commenced.

The company left Iowa City and traveled 300 miles on the first leg of their journey. When the company reached Florence, Nebraska Territory, there was another meeting held to discuss the viability of continuing the last 1,000 miles of their journey. Levi


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